Wood Raw

A log harvested from a tree.

Wood is a raw material collected from Trees, one per Tree. It is an essential part of most buildings and utilities. Additional trees can be obtained by planting bushes on humus as if they were wheat.

Wooden Equipment
Name Attack Defense Damage Other Materials
Bow N/A 44/57 256/344 Los 1/3 2x Wood
Longsword 171/229 171/229 256/344 N/A 2x Wood
Shortsword 44/57 44/57 44/57 N/A 2x Wood
Helmet 44/57 171/229 N/A N/A 2x Wood
Breastplate 44/57 256/344 N/A N/A 2x Wood
Greaves 44/57 256/344 N/A N/A 2x Wood
Boots 44/57 171/229 N/A N/A 2x Wood

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