Weapons are crafted by either the Forge or the ITE Crafter and come in two categories, mele and ranged. They can be made from Wood, Iron and ITEs. Different materials give differnet attack stats. Below is a breakdown of weapon quality.

Name Material Type Attack Damage Cost
Wooden Short Sword Wood Melee 1d2 1d2+1 2 Wood
Wooden Long Sword Wood Melee 1d2 1d2+2 2 Wood
Wooden Bow Wood Ranged 1d4 2 Wood
Stone Spear Stone Melee 1d6 1d2+2 2 Stone, 1 Wood
Stone Mace Stone Melee 2 Stone, 1 Wood
Bone Club Bone Melee 3 Bones
Bone Sword Bone Melee 4 Bones, 1 Iron
Bone Axe Bone Melee 2 Bones, 1 Iron
Iron Short Sword Iron Melee 1d2+1 1d5+1 1 Coal, 1 Iron
Curved Blade Iron Melee 1 Wood , 2 Iron
Iron Long Sword Iron Melee 1d2+1 1d5+3 1 Coal, 2 Iron
Iron Mace Iron Melee 1 Coal , 2 Iron
Iron Axe Iron Melee 1 Coal , 2 Iron
Spiderite Sword Spiderite Melee 1 Iron, 2 Spiderite
Spider Bow Spiderite Ranged 1d4 2 Iron, 2 Spiderite
Snickerblade Blade Snickerite Melee

1 Iron , 1 Copper ,

2 Snickerite

Goblinite Spear Goblinite Melee 1 Copper , 2 Goblinite
Hobgoblin Khopesh Hobgoblinite Melee

2 Copper ,

2 Hobgoblinite

Zombite Mace Zombite Melee

1 Stone , 1 Iron ,

2 Zombite

Ghoulite Glaive Ghoulite Melee 1 Copper , 2 Ghoulite
Ogreite Smasher Ogreite Melee 1 Copper, 2 Ogreite
Direite Axe Direite Melee 1 Iron , 2 Direite

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