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Stockpiles allows you to store certain materials in locations of your choosing. To create a stockpiles, just select which kind of stockpile you want, then click once on the map to set a start point, and click again for an end point. This will create an area for your stockpile. You can then left click on the stockpile to specifiy what will and will not be stored there for further organization.

Crafted Materials

Will store Crafted Materials, currently only Steel.


Will store Decorative items such as candlesticks, potted plants and barrels.


Will store Furniture such as beds, tables and chairs.


Will store ITEs such as Globlinite, Zombite and Spiderite.


Will store Weapons and Armor.

Prepared Food

Will store cooked Food such as Meat pie, Breat, and Cooked Meats.

Raw Food

Will store uncooked/unedible Food such as Bones, Raw Meats and Flour.

Raw Materials

Will store Raw Materials such as Mud, Stone, Wood and Iron.


Will store Utils such as walls, ladders and baker's tables.

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