slime is a hostile mob found mostly in dungeons in the game Towns.

Towns Green Slime

Green Slime

Towns Red Slime

Red Slime

Slimes can also be encountered through a siege, which happen randomly to your town. Slimes are relatively easy to beat, but if your villagers are not well equiped and/or lack numbers, they can be dangerous.

There are three types of slimes, the easiest and most common being the Green Slime. It drops green a Green Gel 100% of the time.

The next one is the Red Slime, which really looks more pink than red. It drops a Red Gel 100% of the time.

Towns Blue Slime

Blue Slime

Lastly, there is the Blue Slime, which is the most rare, as well as the toughest of the three. It drops a Blue Gel 100% of the time.

All three of these gels can be used to for color of roads and walls.

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