Orders can be found on the lower menu bar. From left to right - Harvest, Till, Dig, Chop, Mine, Stockpiles, Zones, Cancel Orders and Items.

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Orders, Buildings, Items(Menu), Item and Place, Stockpiles, Zones


Crafted Materials, Decorative, Furniture, ITEs, Military, Food, Utils, Raw Materials

Living Things

Citizens, Soldiers, Animals, Enemies


Food production, Crafting? Military?


Version History, Upcoming Features, Developers, Bugs


Custom buildings!

The Orders Screen is used to direct your villagers to manipulate the terrain. Just choose your order, click once to set and start point, and click again for an end point. This will select an area.


Till is used to prep Grass to be used For growing Tree, Orchards and Crops.


Chop is used on Trees to collect Wood.


Cut is used on Bush to collect them.


Dig is used to make a hole into the ground. Once a hole is made, build a Ladder in the hole for your villagers to access the bellow level.


Mine is used to mine terrain. This is used to collect Stone, Mud, Iron and Copper.

Cancel Order

Is used to cancel any order that you have made.

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