Enemies populate the dungeon that your town is sited on. There are several different types of enemies found on different levels of the dungeon. Enermies drop ITEs which can be crafted to make weapons and armor.

Sieges occur randomly. A random enemy swarms your town, if your citizens cannot kill them they will wipe you out.


HP Attack Defense Damage Picture

Green Slime

1d5+4 1d5+4 1d5+4 1d3
Green slime

Red Slime

1d5+7 1d7+10 1d5+15 1d3
Red slime
Blue Slime 1d5+16 1d5+15 1d5+17 1d3+3
Blue slime


1d6+1 1d6+2 1d6+2 1d2
Giant Spider 2d6 2d6+3 2d6+3 1d3+1
Spider Queen 2d9 2d6+3 2d6+7 1d3+4
Goblin 1d8+2 2d6+1 3d6+1 1d3
Goblin Leader 2d8+2 4d6+2 3d6+2 1d6
Golbin King 3d8+2 4d6+7 4d6+2 1d7
Hobgoblin 2d10+2 3d5+5 2d6+4 1d9
Hobgoblin Kaiser 2d12+2 3d5+8 3d6+4 1d11
Hobgoblin kaiser
Hobgoblin King 2d12+2 3d5+5 2d9+6 1d15
Drauk the hobgoblin king
Direwolf 2d14+2 2d3+5 2d6+5 1d9
Direwolf Alpha 2d15+4 3d4+5 2d6+5 1d12
Siku, the wolf 8d2+18 1d11+34 1d11+31 1d3+5
Siku the wolf
Snicker Blade 1d5+16 1d5+15 1d5+17 1d3+3
Snicker blade
Snicker Blade Wizard 1d5+22 1d5+19 1d5+22 1d3+4
Snicker blade wizard
NexY, the snicker edge 1d9+30 1d9+30 1d9+30 1d3+4
Nexy the snicker edge
Zombie 8d2+18 4d3+12 1d11+44 1
Infected zombie 1d6+32 4d3+12 1d11+54 1d2
Infected zombie
Toponovich, the zombie 1d11+49 1d7+36 1d11+59 1d3+3
Toponovich the zombie
Ghoul 1d3+3 1d11+44 1d17+71 1d3+2
Sneaky Ghoul 1d5+7 1d11+54 1d11+79 1d3+4
Sneaky ghoul
Gaskone, The Ghoul 4d3+12 1d11+44 1d11+84 8
Gaskone the ghoul
Cave Troll 4d3+12 1d5+22 8d2+18 1d5+15
Cave troll
Berserker Troll 1d11+39 1d9+35 1d9+30 1d11+19
Berserker troll
Stone Troll 1d11+59 1d11+54 1d7+36 35
Stone troll
Orgre 1d11+49 1d3+7 1d11+74 4d3+12
Lusty Orgre 1d11+54 1d5+9 1d11+74 4d3+14
Lusty ogre
Hume, The almighty Orgre 1d11+59 4d3+12 1d11+94 1d9+19
Hume the almighty ogre
Stone golem 1d11+74 1d5+37 1d11+42 1d5+37
Stone golem
Iron golem 1d11+79 1d11+54 1d7+48 1d7+41
Iron golem
Fire head 4d7+4 4d5+6 4d5+3 3d5
Fire head
Werewolf 1d5+16 1d5+15 1d5+17 1d3+5
Weretiger 1d11+79 1d11+54 1d7+48 1d7+41
Vampire 1d5+7 1d11+54 1d11+79 1d3+4
The Burning Pet 1d20+99 1d20+99 1d20+99 1d5+9
The burning pet
Scarab Beetle ?? ?? ?? ??
Scarab beetle

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